LP/LZ Series Non-contact Linear Position Sensors

The Joral LP/LZ series non-contact linear sensors are IP69K wire-less boom extension/ linear position devices that eliminate the common faults which occur with conventional string pot/wire reel measurement devices. Using a sealed magnetic track and a hall-effect array the LP/LZ non-contact linear position devices detect linear extension in 1/4" to 1" resolutions.

The Joral magnetic non-contact linear sensor eliminates the need for wire reel devices that are prone to freeze, snap, or disconnect recoil. String pot mechanical extension devices can cost hours in wasted service time, but the Joral LP/LZ series are designed modular for simple installation and service.

Select below from the LP30 and LZ30 sensors to learn more about Joral non-contact linear position sensor capabilities and part numbering options.

Series technical data sheets are listed for download below the product categories.



Incremental Non-contact Linear Transducer

IP69K, Up to 1/2" Air Gap Between Sensor/Track

    The LP30 non-contact linear position device utalizes a basic magnet track and prox-style epoxy encapsulated 30mm linear sensor.

  • Maximum rated 1/2" air gap between linear
    traveling track and LP30 position sensor
  • J1939 Incremental output returns counts
    every 1/4" to 1"

  • Compact linear position sensor rated MIL SPEC 202 for vibration and shock. Click to learn more about the incremental LP30 non-contact linear position sensor.

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Absolute Non-contact Linear Transducer

IP69K, Up to 3/8" Air Gap Between Sensor/Track

    The Joral LZ30 absolute non-contact linear position sensor will detect position even while completely powered down.

  • Rated for 3/8" air gap between linear track and
    LZ30 position sensor
  • Absolute position detects change even when sensor is totally disconnected from main system power source

  • The LZ30 is available with J1939 absolute incrementing output or custom analog with specified track length and voltage range. Click to learn more about the absolute LZ30 non-contact linear position sensor.

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