January, 2013 | Programmable Temperature Sensor Released


Joral, LLC has released an all-in-one temp sensor/fan controller that cycles cooling systems on/off within a specified temperature range. Magnet wand operation permits fail safe programming interface that can be set at installation and locked for operation.

Designed as a single package that threads directly into the system as a standard thermal sensor, the Joral TS series temperature sensor/controllers are a total solution for cooling control. The TS50 and TSXL are rated for a max current of 25 amps and can be built for single or dual fan cooling systems.

Available as a basic set-point package with six pre-deterimined selectable set-points (TS50) or as a digital display XL package that allows the user to select upper and lower limits in single degree increments (TSXL). Multiple thread pitch options available including #8 SAE, 1/2 BPTT, and 3/8 NPT.

Visit the TS Overview to learn more about package styles or contact Joral at (262)522-3266 for pricing and availability.

February, 2013 | New Website Launched by Joral, LLC

Joral, LLC is proud to announce the launch of a totally redesigned website. The updated Joral web contains new content including a user interface that allows for quick access to product documentation and media.

Visit Company Information to read more about Joral and how we came to partner with GS Hydraulcs. Visit Products & Solutions to find part numbers and technical info on Joral products.

Monthly press releases and technical PDF documents can be found for direct download in the Data & Downloads page.

Please contact Joral at (262)522-3266 regarding any questions or issues with the new Joral web.

October, 2012 | U.S. Government Grants Joral, LLC Patent

After many years of provisional protection, Joral has been awarded US PAT ######## for non-contact coupling techniques in rotational position sensing.

Joral non-contact rotational position sensing provides installation flexibility and environmental protection that is essential for effective rotory measurement. Patented non-contact technology is integrated into the PE30 Prox Encoder™, HP58 and HP38 non-contact rotary posistion sensors.

For an informative overview that covers Joral non-contact technology please visit the Non-contact Patent information page found in the Company Information section of Joral web. To learn more about the Non-contact HP and PE product lines, please visit the Non-contact Overview found in Products & Solutions.


March, 2011 | Non-contact Linear Position Sensor Now Available

Joral has released the new LP30 incremental non-contact linear position sensor at the 2011 CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. Detect linear movement in 1/2" or 1" increments with the J1939 capabable non-contact LP30.

The LP30 sensor uses an array of hall sensors and a mating magnetic strip to detect linear motion without the neusance of string-pot/cable-reel teather systems. Up to 1/2 inch air gap between sensor and magnet strip allow installation flexibility and complete sensor weatherproofing (IP69K).

Designed for use with equipment outriggers and extending booms found on mobile hydraulics the LP30 is an intelligent sensor that provides a fail-safe solution for J1939 linear position sensing.

Incremental J1939 communcation standard, other outputs available, contact Joral for custom package requests.

Visit Linear Position Technical Overview

March, 2013 UPDATE: Absolute position now available, visit the Linear Position page to learn more about new sensor options.

LP30 Linear Position Sensor