Joral, LLC has developed a webstore catered for cut-to-length timber operators and harvester equipment service personel.

    LoggingEncoders.com provides:

  • Aftermarket logging duty position sensors

  • Cut-to-length computer systems and components

  • Non-contact position sensor replacement kits

LoggingEncoders.com provides aftermarket sensors, computers and kits for Fabtek, John Deere, Quadco, Tigercat, Risley, LogMax, Valmet, Waratah, Ponsse and Denharco brand timber harvesters.

Logging Duty Position Sensor

Extreme duty position sensor for timber harvesters

The Joral logging duty position sensor is designed to survive in the extreme environment of timber harvesting.

    Benefits of LoggingEncoders.com Position Sensor

  • One moving part - the shaft

  • Encoder electronics entirely sealed in automotive epoxy

  • Sensor housing machined from a single piece of 6160 aircraft grade aluminum

  • Terminal plug available for easy field wireable connector

Sold with a warranty that guarantees a year of protection the logging duty sensor is a complete solution for cut-to-length timber processors.


Visit www.LoggingEncoders.com to learn more, or call the LoggingEncoders.com direct phone line at (707)722-7899.