Introduction to Joral | COMPANY INFORMATION


Joral, LLC develops and manufactures harsh-duty electronic devices for mobile hydraulics and industrial applications. Driving innovation Joral has redefined the "rugged duty" position sensor by introducing protection methods such as total electronic package encapsulation, LED status indicators, and patented true non-contact coupling.

Joral_office_fourFounded in 2005 Joral, LLC is the combination of Joral Devices and Joral Computer Services.

A sister company of GS Hydraulics, Joral utilizes hands on experience to design electronic devices catered specifically for mobile hydraulics and harsh duty industrial applications.

Initially christened in the industry of timber processing Joral's shafted position sensor redefined expectations of survivability in extreme environments. Providing products that foster lasting solutions Joral sensors and modules enable motion control in the extreme of operating environments.

Joral's Hockey Puck™ and Prox Encoder™ non-contact rotary position sensors utilize patented technology that allows up to 1/2" (12mm) air gap between sensor face and application element. The Joral Inclinometer 3-axis incline sensor tracks all three axis of position (X,Y,X) and returns true angle to home via J1939 regardless of orientation.

Joral provides a wide variety of electrical outputs and connection styles for all sensing needs. Available electrical outputs include J1939 CAN Bus, Step & Direction, SSI, PWM, Incremental Quadrature (single ended or differential), and Analog (Voltage or Current).

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